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A creative collaboration of human and machine. Playform is a new way for visionary artists to experiment, explore, and inspire with AI—no coding required.

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Playform offers many ways to collaborate.

Create artworks

Generate millions of unique images. Upload images that inspire you, and Playform converts them into original works of art.

Transfer styles

Create your own styles and reuse them on any content.

Generate video

Explore visual transformations through video.

Sketch a concept

Choose a style and draw a sketch. Playform will instantly generate a highly dynamic and realistic illustration for you.

Mock Designs

Get inspired by compositions generated by Playform. Use generated artwork as royalty-free images for your designs.

Generate music

Upload music and Playform finishes your compositions.

Make music visuals

Feed music into Playform and allow it to dream sonic worlds.
Playform is designed for your needs.
We're an ever growing platform to allow you to create in ways you haven't imagined before. We're continually refining our AI models and providing new tools to play with and be inspired by.
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We want to provide you the opportunity to join forces with the Playform team to create something truly custom.

Whether that be developing a creative tool, a groundbreaking piece of new media art, or any other application for AI, reach out if you want to become partners.
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