Coming Soon: Playform Credits

December 4th, 2019

We’ve been thrilled to see so many creative folk try out Playform beta over these last two months! To ensure that Playform continues to grow sustainably, we’re introducing Playform Credits—a way to pay for AI computation. Everybody will receive $50 worth of credits to start off with, including new users. We’ll be launching Playform Credits within the next week, in addition to two new AI models for you to explore: Freeform and Style Transfer.
Playform Credits
Using AI to generate imagery requires processing time on GPUs (graphics chips). Unlike other AI imagery tools, Playform lets you to train your own models, which requires significantly more computation than with pre-trained models. 

We’ve subsidized the cost of this computation to encourage our early community members to try out Playform. Starting next week, AI training on Playform will require the purchase of credits, which are measured in hours and minutes of compute time.

Our payment system is designed with privacy in mind—payments will be securely processed through Stripe, so no personal or billing information is stored on our own servers.

A sneak peek: Freeform and Style Transfer
Freeform lets you generate new images by training an AI on just one image set. The results will be the AI’s best attempt at re-creating the Inspiration images you provided. 
Style Transfer lets you apply the colors and textures from one image set to another. Unlike Creative Morph, it’s faster, requires fewer images, and contours are better preserved.

We’re excited to see what you make with these new tools!

The Playform Team

Announcing Playform Beta

September 19th, 2019

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of Playform Beta. Our alpha offered a taste of AI’s potential for art-making, and now we’re taking the next step towards building a full-featured AI art studio. Try it out at!

Over the last few months, we’ve been working to better understand what people love about Playform and where they see potential in it. Our community has experimented with AI-generated imagery in imaginative ways: recreating Playform images with oil pastels, using the images to design public sculpture, or incorporating them in VR experiences. This latest evolution of Playform makes it even easier to experiment, explore, and get inspired. Now, you can keep track of all your projects on a dashboard, and images are grouped into collections that can be re-used in future projects.
We also added many small features that you’ll discover as you use Playform Beta. For example, try clicking into a single image result and using your keyboard arrow keys to flip through all the iterations! 

In the upcoming months, we’re excited to build on this foundation and offer totally new processes for generating imagery, more sources of image inputs, and more ways to interact with the results. Try out Playform Beta and stay tuned for more updates!

The Playform Team

Playform alpha now open to all

June 25st, 2019

Today, we’re excited to announce that Playform's alpha program is open to all artists and creative professionals. Just go to and enter your email to create an account.

We created Playform to let anyone train an AI for imagery creation, regardless of their level of technical ability. Since our alpha launch two months ago, we've gotten to work with many talented artists and creators, including professors and those exhibiting in major fairs and galleries. People within our community work with a diverse array of media, from photography to dance, and we love the complex and beautiful work they've made with Playform.

In addition to open sign-ups, today we launched the following features:

💡 Lightbox view: see individual results larger
When you click on an image in your results, you’ll enter a view that displays that image bigger. Also, you can now move through different iterations of that single image.

⬆️ Download upscaled images
When you click “download” within lightbox view, you can choose a 1024px version of the image that’s been upscaled in resolution.

⏱ View results as they come out
Just stay on the results page, and it will load new iterations as the AI finishes generating them.

🔗 Private project URLs
We believe in the privacy of the work being made on Playform! Result URLs are now in an encrypted format, so only people you share the link with can view them. 

✍️ Passwordless log-in and sign-up
Our log-in system sends a magic link to you through email, so you won’t have to remember a password.

We're excited to see our community grow and create on Playform. Stay updated for more feature updates this summer!

The Playform Team

Playform launches alpha program

May 1st, 2019

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of our private alpha program for Playform, an AI imagery studio for artists and creative professionals. Playform allows you to train an AI to generate formally exploratory imagery based off of inspiration photos that you feed it. In other words, you show the AI a moodboard, and it’ll start riffing off of it to create surprising new images. We’re proud to say, every artist who has experimented with Playform has been delighted and fascinated by the results.

Anybody can apply to try out Playform for free during this alpha phase with this link. We’re keeping the community small at first, but new spots will open up week by week as we expand the program and improve the product.

This launch has been several months in the making. We interviewed all kinds of artists, from painters to photographers to ceramicists, to understand their needs and what they were excited about. Our team has also grown to support our ambitious engineering and design roadmaps for the next few months to get Playform ready for a wider audience.

As we commence this alpha launch, we’d like to double down on our commitment to serving artists and creative professionals above all else. At our core, our mission is to empower more people to harness creative AI to express themselves and see the world in new, eye-opening ways. We’re excited to start this journey of exploration and discovery together with our artist community, and we’re looking forward to seeing what they’ll create over the next few months with Playform!

The Playform Team