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Whether that be developing a creative tool, a groundbreaking piece of new media art, or any other application for AI, reach out if you want to become partners.

Explore a selection of public partnerships we've had over the past few years.

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Walter Werzowa, Composer
Deutsche Telekom and the music expert team
Beethoven-Haus Bonn

In collaboration with Deutsche Telekom and a team of music experts, we are developing the AI to complete Beethoven’s 10th symphony, celebrating his 250 birth anniversary. This revolutionary AI will be available for select Playform visionary creatives.

Universal Assembly Unit - Art Directing
London Contemporary Orchestra
Robert Ames - Conductor

Other Worlds Concert
Barbican Center, London
october 31, 2018

“Setting the standard for what a 21st century orchestra can be, in terms of programming, presentation and performance.”
sam wilcock - patron
Playform was used to generate AI visuals in realtime reacting to live orchestral performance. The event was performed at the Barbican Center in London with 1800 audience who kept mesmerized by the music and visuals.

season 5 EPISODE 3
first aired april 2018

HBO's Silicon Valley used “The Birth of Venus,” a piece created by Playform and the first AI artwork to ever be shown on a TV series.
Two artworks created using Playform, by artists Qinza Najm and Ahmed Elgammal have been exhibited in the Art & Science Exhibition at the National Museum of China in Beijing.
Almost 1m exhibition visitors in Nov 2019.