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Playform Studio

Join us in creating the future of art.

Playform Studio is an exclusive program for visionary artists to define new ways of making and selling art in the age of AI.

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Lost at Sea: AI Ships in the Time of Quarantine by Anne Spalter

program benefits
Playform Studio invests in creative people.
A limited number of emerging artists will be selected to participate in this exclusive program. Studio residents will receive:
Unlimited Training Credits
  • Unlimited AI training time
  • Unlimited sketches and mixes
  • Unlimited video creation
  • Early access to behind the scenes technology
  • Unlimited on-platform upscaling up to 16MPixel / 12"x12"
Artist Development
  • Members-only monthly webinar Q&As with professional artists and industry leaders
  • Collaboration opportunities with other studio artists
  • Promotion opportunities, including digital events, blog features, and press
Exhibition Opportunities
  • Showcased in the Playform Studio Artsy online gallery and other online partners
  • Featured in Playform Studio Marketplace (coming soon)
  • Participation on physical Playform Studio exhibition in Art Faires and partner galleries
Program costs
Playform Pro Subscription
$50 per month / $500 per year
Unlimited AI training time for studio projects
Gallery Commissions
If invited to join the Playform Studio, artists are required to produce at least one series of work for sale per month. Limited edition prints will be exhibited and sold via our gallery partnerships, and revenue will be split with the artist.
exhibition opportunities
Selection process
Studio members are selected by a prestigious panel of digital art experts.
Anne Spalter
Pioneering Digital Artist

Founder, Digital Fine Arts program at Brown University and RISD

Digital Arts Acquisitions Committee, Whitney Museum of American Art
Ahmed Elgammal, Ph.D.
Industry Expert on Art and AI

Founder and CEO, Artrendex

Founder and Director, Art and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at Rutgers University
Robert Norton
Leader in Art, Tech and Business

Founder and CEO, Verisart

Former Founder and CEO, Sedition and Saatchi Online
Application process
To apply for Playform Studio, applicants must create at least one sample of their work on Playform.

If you do not have a Playform account, head to create.playform.com to start experimenting.
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Frequently asked questions

What is Playform?


Playform AI is technology developed to be a digital artist’s collaborator in creating original works. Through machine learning, Playform can learn from your visual inputs and help you generate limitless possibilities. Artrendex built Playform to be accessible for all artists and requires no code. 

How do I apply to Playform Studio?

  1. Create a Playform account.
  2. Create at least one piece of work using Playform. Get creative!
  3. Fill out the application, using one of your pieces from Playform.

What are the requirements for the program? Do I have to have an art degree?


The only requirements for the program are that you create at least one piece of work from Playform and submit an application which includes some type of portfolio of your digital artwork.

Formal art education and professional experience are not required. We will assess candidates based on their complete application, including their portfolios with emphasis on the work they created using Playform.

Where is your gallery?


We do not have a physical gallery, but we are showcasing your art in our Artsy gallery page and our online marketplace (coming soon). We also exhibit at art fairs and partner with gallery to do group shows. We’ll also be showcasing your art digitally across our website and social media, as well as extending the visibility of your work through paid boosts across social platforms. Our marketing team will work directly with you to find creative and effective ways to boost your profile across the web. In addition, our team is well-connected in the art world, and the overall aim of this program is to partner with talented emerging artists and help make them successful.

Why do you charge a fee?


Playform Studio charges a nominal fee of $50 per month to help us identify artists who not only demonstrate promising artistic ability, but are eager to invest alongside Playform in their artistic development. 

I have a question about something else.


If you have any additional questions about Playform Studio, please contact us at playform@artrendex.com.