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what is playform?
Playform is your AI companion to expand the creative mind. 

Elevate your creative expression and sources of inspiration.

It's about experimentation, exploration and unexpected sources of inspiration.

It's the creative collaboration of human and machine.
We're an ever growing platform to allow you to create in ways you haven't imagined before.

We're continually refining our AI models and providing new tools to play with and be inspired by.

We're not an afterthought AI product made by big tech, instead, we're joining the paradigm shift to increase access, education, and discussion around AI.

Built from the ground up by creatives and for creatives.

Define new ways of seeing, to share with the world. 

In the press

“The biggest artistic achievement of the year"

“So why are so many of these images so alluring? What does it know about me that I don’t? Why do I like them? And why do I feel like this is just the beginning?”

“It’s the first time that AI has generated art that really looks good”

“I'd quite like this one on my wall”

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