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Digital Studio Associate (Content Marketing Manager)

August 18, 2020

Playform Studio
Playform is an innovative, venture-backed startup that is reimagining creativity in the age of AI. Our product, Playform AI, is a no-code solution for artists, creators and designers to create original works at scale and with ease.

Playform seeks a creative and ambitious Digital Studio Associate to join our startup team. This is a unique role that is perfect for someone who aspires for a career in arts management and curation. We’re an innovative company that will lead how art is created and sold, and we’re looking for a like-minded individual who understands the opportunities available when you bring together art and technology. 
This is an ideal role for someone who enjoys working with creative people, is extremely organized and detail-oriented, and is eager to learn about new technologies and marketing strategies.

Artist Wrangling - You will be responsible for marketing the Playform artist programs, including the Playform Studio and Playform Digital Residency, as well as facilitate the application process, interfacing with our advisory board of elite artists. You’ll also help coordinate regular exhibitions of our artists’ work across platforms.

Social Media and Content Management - You will also be responsible for curating Playform’s content calendar for our social media and blog. Our social media is a virtual gallery of the work created using Playform, and our blog is used to showcase our artists. Platforms we are on include Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. 

Online Gallery Management - You will be responsible for maintaining Playform’s online gallery on Artsy and other partner sites.

Event Management - You will also help organize events on behalf of Playform. These events include our own webinars and events, as well as coordinating our participation in art fairs, gallery exhibitions, and more.


  • Bachelors degree in the field of art or arts management.
  • Demonstrated passion for the art world and great rapport when working with creative individuals.
  • Prior experience with social media platforms Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter, Pinterest and/or YouTube in personal or professional contexts.
  • Minimum basic skills in photo and video editing, advanced skills preferred.
  • Strong writing skills, blogging experience preferred.
  • Organized and strong attention to detail.
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Playform Digital Artist Residency

July 30, 2020

We’re excited to announce the Playform Digital Artist Residency, a unique program that brings together art and technology to develop emerging digital artists.

Each month, Playform selects one digital artist to participate in our month-long program.

While in residency, artist will:

  • Get unlimited credits to use Playform AI
  • Collaborate with Playform’s AI experts in weekly office hours
  • Receive coaching on how to extend the reach of their work
  • Be featured across Playform’s social media as our Artist in Residence
  • Work from the safety of home via Zoom, email and chat Receive a $1,000 stipend

Does this sound like an opportunity for you?
Click below to learn more about the selection and application processes.

Please share this with your friends and any art communities that you’re a part of. This is an ongoing program, so we will be selecting people every month.

Learn more about the residency