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Digital artist Residency
What could you do with AI?

The Playform Digital Artist Residency seeks to develop emerging digital artists through a unique program that brings together art and technology.

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about the program
Each month, Playform selects one digital artist to participate in our month-long program.

During this unique virtual residency, you’ll get unlimited Playform credits and direct access to a team of AI computer vision experts to collaborate with on cutting-edge creative works. We’ll also partner with you in promoting your work across social media and digital channels.
why should i apply?
Differentiate your work with AI
You’ll get unlimited Playform credits and weekly office hours with world-class AI scientists from Rutgers University. With AI, you’ll find your creativity is limitless.
Expand the reach of your art
Social media is crucial to getting your art seen. You’ll get social media coaching as well as reach and promotion through Playform’s channels.
$1,000 stipend for the month
The program is virtual and will not require any travel. Residents will receive up to $10,000 worth of support services, as well as $1,000 stipend.
Selection process
Residents are selected by a prestigious panel of digital art experts.
Anne Spalter
Pioneering Digital Artist

Founder, Digital Fine Arts program at Brown University and RISD

Digital Arts Acquisitions Committee, Whitney Museum of American Art
Ahmed Elgammal, Ph.D.
Industry Expert on Art and AI

Founder and CEO, Artrendex

Founder and Director, Art and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at Rutgers University
Robert Norton
Leader in Art, Tech and Business

Founder and CEO, Verisart

Former Founder and CEO, Sedition and Saatchi Online
Application process
To apply for the Playform Digital Artist Residency, applicants must create at least one sample of their work on Playform.

If you do not have a Playform account, head to create.playform.com to start experimenting.
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Frequently asked questions

What is Playform AI?


Playform AI is technology developed to be a digital artist’s collaborator in creating original works. Through machine learning, Playform can learn from your visual inputs and help you generate limitless possibilities. Artrendex built Playform to be accessible for all artists and requires no code. 

How do I apply to the Playform Digital Artist Residency? 

  1. Create a Playform account. 
  2. Create at least one piece of work using Playform. Get creative!
  3. Fill out the application, using one of your pieces from Playform.

What are the requirements for the program? Do I have to have an art degree?


The only requirements for the program are that you create at least one piece of work with Playform and submit an application which includes some type of portfolio of your digital artwork. (Instagram accounts with your original artwork count as portfolios.)

Formal art education and professional experience are not required. We will assess candidates based on their complete application, including their portfolios with emphasis on the work they created using Playform.

Is the residency in a specific location? Do I have to move somewhere? 


This is a virtual residency and does not require relocation. All communications will happen digitally via video conferencing, email, and chat. Note that we are based in New York and California. 

Where is your gallery? 


We do not have a physical gallery, but we’ll be showcasing your art digitally across our website and social media, as well as extending the visibility of your work through paid boosts across social platforms. Our marketing team will work directly with you to find creative and effective ways to boost your profile across the web. Residents will also be required to host a one-hour webinar at the end of the residency to share what they created. In addition, our team is well-connected in the art world, and the overall aim of this program is to partner with talented emerging artists and help make them successful.

How long is the residency program?


Each residency will span over a month. For each month, we will select one resident. 

How much time will this program require? 


The amount of time depends on the resident. During the program, we require artists to create at least one piece per week, but more is encouraged, as this is a unique opportunity to get access to these tools. We also offer office hours, which would be a minimum of one hour per week with our AI team and another hour per week with our marketing team throughout the duration of the residency. Residents will also be required to host a one-hour webinar at the end of the residency to share what they created. 

Is there a cost for being a part of this program?


There is no cost for being a part of this program. Residents will receive a $1,000 stipend.